Richard Scott, PGA

2015 Recipient of the NENY PGA Youth Player Development Award
Head Coach FMCC Raiders Golf
Founder of the Cover the Distance Junior Golf Academy

Golf Professional Rich Scott is the area's leading expert in teaching the game of golf.  Rich's proven GAPS program has helped the beginner, scratch, college and professional  player.  Whether you want to reduce your handicap by 5 strokes, or just be able to play in your company's scramble, Rich will help you take your game to a new level.

Rich's students include former and current LPGA, Futures Tour, Division I, II, III, high school, as well as NENY Jr PGA players.  His students understand the importance of making a solid golf swing, combined with understanding the mental side of the game as well. Getting to know his students, their needs and expectations sets Rich apart from other instructors. 

"There is no cookie cutter approach to teaching the game of golf.  Each student has unique characteristics that set them apart from other students.  Tiger's swing doesn't work for everyone.  I will take the time to help you develop a swing that works for you".

Part of the education process is taking a look at the students equipment.  Each student will have his/her equipment inspected to make sure that their equipment is right for them.   " I have seen quite a few students over the years that have had a solid golf swing, but were playing the wrong shafts for their game.  We fit them for the proper shafts and straightened out their game".

Don't be too proud to take a lesson.  I'm not.
- Jack Nicklaus

Call Rich at 518-337-3172 to schedule a lesson. Prices vary based on "how good you want to become"